Online Medical Assisting Programs

Choosing the right online medical assisting program for you can be extremely difficult. There are a number of issues to consider including cost, time to graduate and the overall goal and mission of the school. Faith based schools are a wonderful option regardless of your personal faith. In general, these types of school have a very open and welcoming atmosphere for students and focus on community service and preparing for students to work with a number of different individuals once they enter the working world. A few of these schools will be listed with this article.

Universities are another fantastic option as they usually offer short online programs that lead to longer, higher level educations. For example, studying to earn an associate’s degree through a university will enable to you move into a higher level degree and even change focus, such as earning a bachelor’s of science in nursing. Even if you aren’t prepared to make that type of commitment yet, the fact that the possibility is open should lead you to consider a few schools along those lines. You can explore a few options later in this article.

Finally, purely online schools offer a wide variety of benefits. You generally find a cheaper tuition since there is a lower overhead for the school to cover considering they have no physical campus to upkeep. You will also find that their online programs are often as good or superior to the offerings from schools that offer brick and mortar campuses. Some of these schools can be very expensive, others can very affordable. Look over the list later in the article to learn more about those options.

120px-Black_star Concordia University Wisconsin


Concordia University Wisconsin offers a CAAHEP accredited medical assistant program that will train you for your future career. With a 40 year tradition of training medical assistants and incorporating Christian Values and Ethics, you will earn a unique and holistic education. You will focus on clinical procedures, laboratory procedures and administrative procedures in your studies. You will also take other medical related courses as well as a liberal arts component which will enhance your education.

With 45 credit hours required and a five week practicum experience program where you work full time in a medical office, you will enter the field well equipped to handle the constantly changing environment. Expect to pay around $260 per credit hour, which comes to around $11,700 in total. Your books can range from $650 – $700 if you buy them new from the school, but online retailers should offer them much cheaper.

120px-Black_star Liberty University


The online medical office assistant major (A.A.S.) offered by Liberty University will offer a number of unique learning opportunities all focused around a Christian worldview that will directly influence how you treat those around you. Your personal faith is not questioned through your education, but the fundamentals of treating others with respect will be a core piece of your education. You will learn to analyze the roles, responsibilities and medical terminology within various health professions, apply knowledge of insurance, billing and coding to the practices in the medical field and evaluate medical office infection control, legal and ethical issues.

A total of 61 credit hours will be required to earn your A.A.S. online, 39 of which are general education courses. Each credit hour will cost around $340 – $385 which will come to a total tuition of around $22,000 if you have no previous college credits already. Plenty of financial assistance is available, so explore those options as you pursue your education.

120px-Black_star Keiser University Campus Online


As a division of the Fort Lauderdale campus, you will earn a full education from a respected university. An Online Associate Degree in Medical Assisting is offered to students, regardless of where they live. They also offer virtual classroom tours, as well as plenty of ways to ensure you are ready for an online education. The program consists of a total of 60.5 credit hours. These hours include 36.5 hours of medical assisting major courses and 24 hours of general education courses. You will need to complete your courses with a grade of C or higher to proceed through the program.

The Associate Degree in Medical Assisting will cost a total of about $27,000. Keiser University offers plenty of financial aid which can make your payments much easier and also partners with a number of other loan, grant and financial aid companies. Another key component of this particular online program is the small class sizes that are taught by industry experienced faculty. In general, online programs are significantly larger than traditional campus based classrooms. This sets Keiser University apart from many competitors and should be a major consideration.

120px-Black_star South University


Offering an Associate of Science in Allied Health Science degree, South University may sound like it doesn’t fit on a medical assistant list. In fact, the degree offered is a unique way to prepare for a career in the medical assisting field. You will learn the important role of professionalism in healthcare with a curriculum that blends the teaching of theory with industry related technical information. With a focus on exposing students to a broad education that combines life science subjects such as anatomy and physiology, chemistry, nutrition and pathophysiology with a general studies program, you will learn much more in preparation for your career than you would through many other programs.

The program will cost a total of $36,180 plus an addition $175 in program fees. Federal loans can offer up to $25,013 with an institutional plan adding $358 in assistance as well. You can finish the program in as little as 29 months and 75% of students graduated from the program on time. 68% of students found a place of employment within six months of graduation and with the rising demand for this profession, those numbers will likely continue or improve.

120px-Black_star Penn Foster Online


Penn Foster College offers an Associate Degree Program in Medical Assisting that will prepare you for an entry level position as a medical assistant. You will also be eligible for certification exams which can go a long way in helping you make the most of your education. Penn Foster is one of the more popular options for students looking for an online degree programs these days, particularly due to their alarmingly low tuition rates. Since they have no campus to upkeep, they can offer significant savings to students.

Expect a full payment of up to $1500 for tuition depending on how you wish to make the payment. You will also earn your final semester of your education for free. Any payments that are left upon completion carry 0% interest and you will have unlimited instruction support from a world class faculty. You will also find a personalized student homepage and learning portal once you enroll. Additional resources such as an online library and career guidance from Career Cruising will be included in your tuition.

120px-Black_star Anthem College Online


Offering an Associate of Science Degree Completion in Medical Assisting Program, Anthem College Online offers a unique approach to an education. While this school is primarily online, it does offer campus based locations unlike Penn Foster. This can lead to a higher tuition, but it may be worth the consideration as it offers plenty of benefits for students. With an online demonstration of their programs offered, you can take the school for a test drive before making the commitment to enroll in the courses. This program is designed for students that hold a Medical Assisting diploma to extend their credentials, so you will need to see if you are qualified at this point. If not, consider keeping this school on your list for when you do qualify.

With a total cost of about $18,000 for your education, this is a full featured education at an affordable tuition. The courses are flexible and allow you to learn on your own time. Like an online course, you decide when and how to study, and completion time will vary by student and motivation.

Each college on this list has something unique to offer and only you can make the choice for the one that is just right for you. Explore these options and continue looking beyond the schools to see what else is out there if this list does not offer an option that excites you. There are plenty of colleges to attend and this list is just the start.